Hey I'm Tessa Ivy

I'm the fashion designer from IVY Berlin.

When we say it’s handmade, we mean it. 

I grew up in the USA (Maine) and moved to Berlin in 2014 when I was sixteen. I started IVY Berlin a few years ago, and its only grown since then. I’m inspired by the sweetly hostile life in Berlin. Berlin is like a family member you can’t help but love, even if they’re a bit of a bitch sometimes. It’s easy to lose yourself here. I’ve seen it happen so much myself – people who come here and get lost in the clubbing paradise that is Berlin, but that’s not why I love it so much. Berlin is a metropolis like no other.

Fashion is an outlet for women (and men, too) to express themselves. I choose to make clothing that highlights the female body for girls who just want to show off! It’s not about sex appeal, it’s not about making yourself look good for someone else, it’s about expressing your love for your own body and self! Be weird, be freaky, be you! We even offer free custom sizing if you don’t fit into the classic XS-L! We want everyone to get their dream outfit!

What does handmade really mean? It means that everything is made here in Berlin by me and a couple of other really cool chicks. We watch murder mysteries, listen to punk rock, and take ice cream breaks on hot summer days. So when you buy from us, you’re buying for a responsible and sustainable resource.

The clothes I wish I could have worn when I was seven, just sluttier.


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IVY Berlin

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